The Hottest Luxury-Home Market VIA the WSJ


The title caught my attention too. I immediately tried to guess the location in my head before reading on to find the answer.  Thoughts of 10,000 sq. ft mansions in the Hamptons, or Ski Chateaus in Aspen, or even those estates in Jupiter Florida that they call houses but are more like luxury hotels, flashed through my head.  I settled on the Hills of LA as my answer to the Hottest Luxury-Home Market in the US.  I had heard of some crazy homes being built and I was settled that this was the market that the WSJ was referring to in their recent May article.  I was about 2000 miles off.  Way off. Wasn’t even close.

Answer? Read: Washington State’s San Juan Islands. The priciest 10% of the homes in this archipelago real estate market rose faster last year than any other U.S. county last year. 

What Does This Mean To You? Expect to see more people and higher prices in your favorite PNW sandbox.

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