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This post is hopefully the final conclusion to our 4 part series titled Whatcom Watergate. After more than a year in waiting, there is finally some resolution to the so called "Hirst Decision" that heavily impacted Whatcom County rural development.   Republican and Democratic leaders reached a negotiated agreement which was signed by the Governor late yesterday. Below we have quickly outlined what it means for Whatcom County property owners . To read the full report on the fix Click Here

What Does this mean for you? The boiler points are these:

-If you are a landowner with an existing well-you are grandfathered under the pre-Hirst 5000gal/day exempt-well statute.  

-Land that is not serviced by public water and depends on an exempt well for a building permit. The following applies: 

  • Pay a one time $500 application fee
  •  3000gal/day annual average daily consumption per domestic hookup (indoor and outdoor use)
  •  Unlimited stockwatering
  • Record amounts on title

Note: different watersheds may have varying rules. The above is applicable to the Nooksack, WRIA 1, and 6 other WRIAs (1, 11, 22, 23, 49, 55, 59)”

Wondering what the next steps are? Contact us to discuss.